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Chinese language

Do you want to develop your full potential in learning Chinese or give such a fantastic opportunity to your children? Are you looking for the most effective and fun way to learn Chinese? Welcome to the world of learning you will love! We will guide you through the adventurous world of Chinese in an experiential way, and according to the principles of how memory works, we will speed up your studies. We use special methodologies based on a comprehensive personal diagnosis of the student’s potential, including the identification of obstacles to its realization and proposed solutions.

We provide individual lessons in Bratislava and Nitra.

A native lecturer is always involved in the teaching.

Why do our clients recommend Culture Bridge?

  • We connect Chinese with practice
  • For a long time, we have been dedicated to streamlining the teaching of Chinese Experiential learning = what you experience, you will not forget!
  • Rich experience: language schools, schools (primary, secondary, tertiary), companies, embassies, individual lessons, students from 5 years to retirement age.


  • Video course
  • Individual experiential Chinese lessons (available also online)
  • Individual lessons with a native speaker, a top professional Chinese tutor (available also online)
  • combination of video courses and personal lessons according to your needs and possibilities
  • Consultations – it is possible to order one consultation, e.g. to set how and how much you should learn to achieve what you want.
  • It is also possible to order a single Chinese lesson, either to try it out or to check if you are learning correctly
  • Basic cultural training or individual cultural training (available also online)